HATHOR hospitality GROUP

Hathor Hospitality is a division of Hathor Investment Group Limited. Hathor is a private investment and investment management company focused on hospitality and lifestyle products and services for the rapidly growing aspirational middle and upper-middle class consumers throughout the ASEAN community. 


Hathor creates sustainable brands. With multiple years of experience and numerous successful brands of our own, we strive to offer best in class, F&B, entertainment and hospitality brands, to meet not only our needs, but the needs of our clients. 


Hathor multi-skilled teams strives to create and leverage value by managing investments in lifestyle categories poised to meet the expanding desires of the rapidly growing middle and upper-middle class consumers throughout SEA.


Not just as industry experienced consultants, but also as industry professionals running more than 15 venues on a daily basis, we do understand your branding, operational and communication needs as if they were ours.


Gathering data, defining cost pressures, low hanging fruits, applying solid marketing strategy and monitoring customer behaviors to apply data-driven decisions are key to achieving sustainable organizational and

operational excellence.


Creative thinking

combined with real-world experience enables Hathor to adapt its strategies to help our clients achieve powerful transformations and rapid return on investment.