Company Overview



Hathor Hospitality is a division of Hathor Investment Group Limited. Hathor is a private investment and investment management company focused on hospitality and lifestyle products and services for the rapidly growing aspirational middle and upper-middle class consumers throughout the ASEAN community. 


The Hathor family of brands includes ChindAsia Club, Whisgars™, CRAFT, Slanted Taco, Little Wine Bar, Belle’s Room, Minus 13, and multiple other concepts under development.



Hathor seeks to satisfy our customers with an extensive and carefully curated selection of premium hand rolled cigars, whiskies, spirits, craft beers and a range of quality food offerings designed from lowend to highend. Our mixologist are best in class and always creating new experiences for our customers, or our clients’ customers.


Our customers enjoy the distinctive styles of our venues, the quality of our products, and the exceptional experience provided by the best trained, product knowledgeable, professionals in the industry.



Hathor began with a prestigious but small members-only VIP club, before successfully developing a popular high-end whisky and cigar lounge franchise under the name of Whisgars™.


In addition to several Whisgars™, Hathor invested in, owns and operates CRAFT (Craft Beer House – the largest craft tap house in SE Asia), Slanted Taco (absolute authentic Mexican street food), a glamorous Baroque styled Belle's Room, and a cool -13° ice bar. We have numerous concepts in development. Whisgars™ currently leads the top nightlife attraction in Bangkok on TripAdvisor, and our ChindAsia Club has been voted the best private members’ club in Thailand, and top five in the region



Hathor’s Food & Beverage / Lifestyle brands offer a selection of products to customers across wide demographic and psychographic groups. Each venue brand is designed as a stand -alone concept, with each brand offering a unique product and experience. 


This collection of concepts enables Hathor to deliver unique sets of products and services to be implemented individually or in clusters of adjacent and complementary experiences depending on location, space, and customer demographics.