a concise PROCESS

Hathor Hospitality Group provides a full range of consultation services available to owners, investors, and franchisees, in the food and beverage industry.

Hathor Hospitality Group owns and operates 6 brands of food and beverage venues across 4 locations in Bangkok, Thailand.


An important step where Hathor conducts a thorough analysis of your organization and business model as well as context market, neighborhood trends and other potential externalities impacting key performance indicators.


A high-level concept is designed, demonstrating the path forward. Collaboratively, we reach alignment on an implementation engagement, including scope, financial targets and desired speed.



Setting new benchmarks,

Hathor creates a straight

forward documented business case in order to plan the inception, transformation or initiative by identifying revenue gaps, drop points, profit potentials and opportunities to increase retention, monetization and customer loyalty.


The solutions design phase consists a detailed and comprehensive roadmap outlining actions and deliverables to create a positive momentum, building quick wins early and ensuring immediate return on investment.


Mastering the complete design and construction pipeline, our designers and copywriters are able to draft each and every assets of the branding, logos, style guide, floor plans, furniture plans, structural and engineering as well as electrical plans, 3D renderings and video walkthroughs to facilitate agreements, raise funding and/or trigger partnerships.


Hathor is in possession of all the required tools to bring your project closer to completion and posterity.


After site construction is complete, Hathor teams plan and produce all necessary content prior to a venue launch in order to make the most of the grand opening.


Flooding channels, contacting media partners, optimizing visibility among chosen targets to create substantial cohorts of new customers to enter the premises on a daily basis and to provide a seamless experience favoring their return.


Through rapid implementation or transformation process and via our cutting edge marketing, social media and CRM strategies, as well as staff training courses, we guarantee a positive shift in our client’s organizational culture, a turnaround in revenue ensuring results that are sustainable and exponentially efficient.


In that regards, Hathor’s follow up is strongly based on data-driven feedback and analytical mindset.