Hathor Hospitality Group provides a full range of consultation services available to owners, investors, and franchisees, in the food and beverage industry.

Hathor Hospitality Group owns and operates 6 brands of food and beverage venues across 4 locations in Bangkok, Thailand.

In October 2008, armed only with a vision, we opened the most exclusive cigar club in Bangkok. Now, ChindAsia Club (formerly known as Club Perdomo) has become far more than an exclusive cigar club. Today, the club is considered the most exclusive members’ only gentlemen networking society in Bangkok (ladies are also welcome).

Whisgars is a unique concept bar throughout Asia consisting of high-end Single Malt Whisky and Premium Hand-Rolled Cigars in carefully selected locations. Our bars are completely cigar-friendly and designed to cater to the highest levels of luxury. Our staff is very well trained in providing our customers with the very best in service and creating the ultimate experience at all of our locations.

Craft, a cool and creative outdoor recreational space serving premium craft beers on-draught launched in the heart of Bangkok in 2014 with its second location in 2015. Craft incorporates quality beverages made by traditional, independently owned brewers and brings niche small-run products to avid beer drinkers in search of something boutique and different. It features unique hand-finished wood construction and a whole new vibe to quality ‘al fresco’ sipping in supremely accessible spots in the heart of Bangkok.

The Best Tacos in Bangkok! This is the real deal. Every dish is homemade, fresh frm scratch, with style, pride and passion. Inspired by a hip and fun South Beach vibe, Slanted Taco is the place to enjoy the most authentic Mexico City style tacos, amazing burritos, and sizzling fajitas while you sip on some premium tequila, mescal, or one of our amazing south-of-the-border cocktails.

A wine lover’s escape right in the heart of Bangkok. Little Wine Bar is an indoor/outdoor wine bar where customers can enjoy an evening in our garden, under the stars, with a meal or a light snack along with a selection of highly rated wines.  Little Wine Bar also supports the other venues on site by offering a strong alternative to Whisgars, CRAFT and Slanted Taco. 

Belle’s Room is designed to surprise and delight customers who are intrigued enough to seek, and lucky enough to find, the entrance. The Baroque style cocktail lounge is an unexpected turn away from the leathers and wood paneling of Whisgars or the casual backyard feel of CRAFT. Everything about Belle’s Room has a little twist. Featuring classic cocktails with a twist, and flamboyant drinks meant for a spectacle.